MILO Journal: Weight Training and Fitness - How-tos on the Highland Games Heavy Events

MILO Articles by Topic: Highland Games Heavy Events


Weight training for HG 2.3
Series by 5-time world champion Jim  
"Big Chief" McGoldrick:  
     • Weight for height 3.2
     • Tossing the caber 3.3
     • Off-season weight training 3.4
     • Pre-season weight training 4.1
     • 28-lbs. weight for distance 4.2
     • Putting the stone 4.3
     • Hammer throw 4.4
     • First contest 5.1
Basic principles for success 6.1
Sheaf toss 6.4
Beginner tips/training 7.4
56-lbs. weight: standing vs. spinning 9.3
Hammer technique 11.2, 11.3
Master's training 12.1
Kettlebell training for Highland Games 12.4
Caber tossing 101 14.1
Hammer throwing 14.3
Standing weight-over-bar 17.4
Contest experience 18.2
WOB:  Stand or spin? 19.2


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