Steve Jeck's From the Quarry

Thoughts Turn into Actions



Inspiration from IronMind's man of pen and stone, Steve "Inver Stone" Jeck. Co-author of Stones and Strength and The Stone Lifter

Inspiration from IronMind's man of pen and stone, Steve "Inver Stone" Jeck

Co-author Of Stones and Strength and The Stone Lifter

Thoughts Turn into Actions


Emerson said that the ancestor of every action is thought.  If you turn that around, what he's really saying is that our thoughts give birth to our actions.  Now, this is no New Age teaching or pop psychology.  It is a law of nature, designed by our Creator, and it is as irrefutable as gravity.  The vast array of psychosomatic conditions (migraine headaches, hypertension, ulcers, etc.) proves that our thoughts can clothe themselves in reality if repeatedly fed to the subconcious mind.  The good news is you can transmute the same energy toward positive results.  The same gust of wind sends one boat east and another west. 

How have you set your sails of thought?



Editor's Note: Steve Jeck’s books, Of Stones and Strength and The Stone Lifter; and videos, Kviahellan DVD, Jeck on Stonelifting video, and Classic Jeck: The First Works CD, define the world of stonelifting.

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