IronMind–Visegrip Viking Challenge Grip Contest

IronMind is guaranteeing $1,000 cash for the winner, there will be an opportunity to break world records and because it’s part of an Odd Haugen production, you know it’s got the right DNA—set for the Los Angeles FitExpo, this contest is ready to take off from the high standard established at last year’s debut.

When Odd Haugen brought a grip contest to the LA FitExpo last year, it was called the best ever and that set the stage for what’s coming in 2012 as the IronMind–Visegrip Viking Challenge will present the opportunity to break world records in two well-established grip strength events and set the inaugural world record in a third one.

The events are:

• Rolling Thunder: Last man standing and will Mark Felix’s 301-lb. world record fall?
• Double Overhand Apollon’s Axle Deadlift: Last man standing and will Rich Williams’s 502-lb. world record fall.
• Pinch Grip Medley: Blobs and more.
• Captains of Crush Silver Bullet Hold: Crush a Captains of Crush No. 3 Gripper to hold a 19-mm. CoC Silver Bullet™ in place until your grip gives out.  Best time wins and establishes the world record in this new event.
• Wrist Roller Challenge: If you loved the Giant Fishing Pole last year, wait until you see/try this one as it’s a two-up race to wind in a sled with an IronMind Wicked Wrist Roller.

More details to follow, but in the meantime, visit the LA FitExpo website for overall event details, make your plans to enjoy a weekend in Southern California next month and hit your grip work with a little extra because the IronMind Vise Grip Viking Challenge is waiting for you.


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