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SUPER SQUATS® Hip Belt: The Ultimate Quad Torch


If you've read what we said about following your doctor's advice, you know that IronMind is not the place to come if you want to wring your hands about why you can't squat—in part because we know that squats are hard work for everyone's back and, yes, certainly they must be done properly.

However, regardless of who might throw in the towel for mental rather than physical reasons, there truly are people whose backs do not allow them to squat productively with heavy weights and there are also times and applications when the hip belt squat is the way to go, regardless of whether you can do barbell back squats until the cows come home or whether a mere glimpse of squat rack makes your lumbars cramp.

From Ramsey in the early part of the twentieth century through McCallum in the mid-to-later part of the twentieth century to present day early twenty-first century, the hip belt squat is the real deal, a tool that can help you gain weight, lose weight, lift more, and jump higher . . . and the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt is uniquely designed to bring these hard to ignore advantages home to you.

The SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt benefits are huge and varied. Use it to:

  • bulk up or trim down
  • add altitude to your vertical jump
  • squat safely, with the weight always under you
  • give your body and mind a break from squatting with a bar on your back

In addition, you can use the belt for weighted chins and dips, as well as for a variety of calf exercises. And for powerlifters or all-rounders who are interested in hip lifts, there’s no need to worry about whether this belt is strong enough—it holds 3,500 pounds with ease!

Our SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt is
Squatting bar
front and back.
Calf raises.
Squatting, weight on
front, on blocks.
Hip lift.
Weighted dips.
Weighted chins.


ultimate_quad_2 World's Strongest Man winner Magnus Samuelsson works his legs without putting any strain on either his back or his arms, using the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt. Photo courtesy of Magnus Samuelsson.

Hip Belt Quad Torching*

By Steve Holman

A few months ago I was talking to Randy Strossen, renowned author of IronMind and the best-selling SUPER SQUATS, and he was telling me about a new hip-belt apparatus he was selling. "It's an unbelievable thigh workout; people are shocked at how directly it hits the quads," Randy proclaimed with an academic enthusiasm he's known for.

It so happened that I was in dire need of some variety in my leg workouts . . . Perhaps the hip belt would do the trick, but as usual I was skeptical. . . .

I loaded an EZ-curl bar . . . with about 100 pounds for my warm-up . . . From the second rep I knew my warm-up was no warm-up—it was rapidly turning into a serious work set because I'd egotistically overestimated my warm-up weight. . . . Boy was I wrong. . . . I struggled through nine wicked reps. When I started my tenth rep, my frontal thighs were beginning to cramp—they were essentially screaming for mercy. . . . As I knelt there sucking air and wincing while the blood rushed to my quads, I realized that Randy had been right. What a frontal thigh workout! I haven’t felt anything that severe since those insane leg extension–leg-press–squat tri-sets back in my college days.

The sensation I got from the movement resembled that of a set of Hack squats pushed to the limit. There's no lower-back involvement . . . Also, there's no friction or drag, and you're forced to use coordination and your stabilizing abilities as well. . . . Thigh torching is definitely this baby’s primary function, however—no doubt about it.

*Excerpted and reprinted with permission from IRONMAN Magazine, February 1992.