Vlad Redkin and the IHGF Bringing Highland Games to Belarus

Latvian-based strongman promoter Vlad Redkin is branching out to include the Highland Games and he has signed a contract with the International Highland Games Federation (IHGF) to host the 2012 IHGF European Amateur Highland Games Championships.

In addition to making this announcement, IHGF vice president Francis Brebner confirmed the competition details for IronMind:

“Scheduled for July 7–8 in Belarus, this competition will feature ten of Europe’s top amateur Highland Games athletes and it will also be part of the IHGF European Highland Games series for 2012 which will be televised event’s for European TV.

“Vladislav, who is considered to be one to the top organizers in strongman events for the past decade is now introducing traditional Highland games in his country and also in his neighboring countries,” Brebner said.  “More talks between the IHGF and Vladislaf Redkin are on the table for another possible big championship event for 2012 also.”


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