Strongman Champions League: Dubai, Serbia and FIBO

She weighs less than half of a typical professional strongman, but she packs considerable clout and an upcoming visit by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was the reason the Strongman Champions League for Dubai was rescheduled for May 20, Marcel Mostert told IronMind: "A lot of events were cancelled for security reasons."

Next up for the Strongman Champions League is an exhibition at FIBO. Contests in Serbia and in Dubai are coming up next month. IronMind® | Logo courtesy of Marcel Mostert.

Next up for the Strongman Champions League is an exhibition at FIBO. Contests in Serbia and in Dubai are coming up next month. IronMind® | Logo courtesy of Marcel Mostert.

Instead of canceling the competition, Mostert said that it was moved to the number three position on the Strongman Champions League 2008 calendar, and the next contest will be in Serbia on May 10.

Despite the change in dates, the start list for athletes remains the same for Dubai, Mostert said:

1. Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)
2. Andrus Murumets (Estonia)
3. Oleksandr Pekanov (Ukraine)
4. Misha Koklyaev (Russia)
5. Ervin Katona (Serbia)
6. Jarno Hams (Holland)
7. Jani Kohlemainen (Finland)
8. Agris Kazelniks (Latvia)
9. Jeremy Hogg (Australia)
10. Tamas Malatinski (Hungary)
11. Etienne Smit (South Africa)
12. Igor Werner (Germany)
13. Farzad Mousakhani (Iran)
14. Mojtaba Maleki (Iran)
15. Karim Taleshi (Iran)

Also coming up for the Strongman Champions League is FIBO, "the biggest exhibition in Europe with around 100,000 visitors and more than 350 companies," Mostert told IronMind®.

Set for April 10 - 14 in Essen, Germany, FIBO will host a team strongman exhibition, featuring two-man teams from Germany, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, and Czech Republic, as a way to further introduce strongman to FIBO, with the idea that next year it would be home to a full-blown Strongman Champions League competition, said Mostert. For this year's team exhibition, the events will be: Farmer's Walk, Log Lift, Bavarian Stone Lift, Pole Push and Yoke Race.

And speaking of the Bavarian stone lift, none other than Heinz Ollesch will be giving a demonstration and letting people try their hand at it, so stop by, say hello to the six-time Germany's Strongest Man winner, and give the stone a shot.

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