Stefán Sölvi Pétursson Wins Iceland's Strongest Man

First held in 1985, Iceland’s Strongest Man contest has been home to some of the biggest names in strongman, and today Stefán Sölvi Pétursson added his name to the list of winners.

Organized and promoted by Hjalti Arnason, this contest was timed to coincide with Iceland’s Independence Day, with thousands of people on hand to enjoy the competition, Arnason explained.

Stefán Sölvi Pétursson “beat Boris [Haraldsson] with one point after six events: loading, Husafell stone, Truck Pull, Over head lift, Atlas Stones and 13 cm Squat lift,” Arnason told IronMind®.

Páll  Logason was third and Sturla Ólafsson was fourth.

To give a sense of this contest’s legacy, “when Jon Pall Sigmarrson won the title in 1985, he danced with the Husafell stone,” Arnason told IronMind®.  Hjalti Arnason was second that year and Magnus ver Magnusson was third.

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