Canadian Strongman Surges at North America’s Strongest Man Contest

“The US lost a lot of ground” on the second day of North America’s Strongest Man, Chad Coy reported to IronMind®.  “Canada is leading the team contest 244 to 224.”

“The Car Hold was won by Jean Francois-Caron, second went to Grant Connor and third was Grant Higa .  The Super Yoke was won by Jean-Francis Caron, Christian Savoie was second and third went to Grant Conner.  The Farmer’s Medley was won by Christian Savoie, the only man to complete the course: 265, 305, 335, 355 all for 50 ft.  Karl Gillingham got second with 199 ft, and Josh Thigpen took third,” Coy said.
Here are the individual points after the second day:

1. Christian Savoie - 64 points
2. Jean-Francois Caron - 53
3. Karl Gillingham - 48
4. Josh Thigpen - 45.5
5. John Connor - 45
6. Scott Cumnie - 43.5
7. Grant Connor - 36.5
8. Chad Coy - 32.5
9. Mike Saunders - 30
10.Corey St. Clair - 27
11.Grant Higa - 26
12.Luke Skaarup - 17

This contest is in Gatineau, Quebec and it is organized by Hugo Girard.

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