IronMind Apollon's Axle: Rules & World Records

IronMind's Apollon's Axle:  not just the original—it debuted in 1994—but the best known and most widely used thick bar in top-tier strongman and grip competitions.


mike-burke-237.5-aa_lgMike Burke leads everyone on the Apollon's Axle Double Overhand Deadlift—a staple test in the grip strength world.  237.5 kg on the bar and Mike Burke pulled it the distance to break his own world record at the 2014 Los Angeles FitExpo.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.


Apollon's Axle Double Overhand Deadlift Rules

1.  A genuine IronMind Apollon's Axle must be used, along with full-sized plates (discs) that are the standard IWF/IPF diameter (450 mm).

2.  The plates must either be calibrated or have been weighed on a proven scale.

3.  Time starts when the Axle is loaded; the athletes have 30 seconds to begin the lift.

4.  No grip aids other than chalk allowed.

5.  The Axle must be gripped with the knuckles on both hands facing forward (away from the body) with a double overhand grip.

6.  Thumbless and hook gips are prohibited.

7.  The athlete must complete the lift with knees locked and the shoulders back, awaiting the referee's down signal before returning the Axle to the platform while maintaining a grip on or contact with the Axle.

8.  IPF powerlifting rules define the key guidelines:  resting the Axle on the thighs or any downward movement will disqualify the lift, as would failure to await the down signal or dropping the bar.  A sumo style is permitted and the feet may move after the lifter has received the down signal.

Apollon's Axle World Records*


Men's Double Overhand Deadlift

Mike Burke                         January 26, 2014              237.5 kg (523 lb.)
Mike Burke January 20, 2013 234 kg (516 lb.)
Mike Burke January 20, 2013 230 kg (507 lb.)
Rich Williams June 26, 2010            228 kg (502 lb.)


Women's Double Overhand Deadlift

Amy Wattles                  July 13, 2014              131 kg (289 lb.)
Amy Wattles                  June 30, 2013             130 kg (286 lb.)


*The minimum increment for breaking a world record is 1 kg, effective January 1, 2015.


In her excitement at easily pulling this 131-kg Apollon’s Axle Double Overhand Deadlift, Amy Wattles dropped the bar after completing the lift and so got it turned down and had to repeat.  Not a problem, though, as she did it again, and restamped her name on one of the most prestigious world records in the grip strength world. IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.


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