Canada's Strongest Man

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind

Many thanks to ace Canadian strongman television commentator Sam Dube, Ph.D. for sending a report on the 2006 Canada's Strongest Man contest.

Canada's Strongest Man - Day One as reported by Sam Dube, Ph.D.

The 2006 Canada's Strongest Man is underway during the Labour Day long weekend here in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Also known as the 8th Annual Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Strongman Invitational, the competition is one of the highlights of the Festival, which attracts over 100,000 attendees. Previous incarnations of the world class Strongman Invitational have included such illustrious competitors as Americans Whit Baskin, Ken Brown, Walt Gogola, and the late Johnny Perry; Finland's Tomi Lotta; and Ireland's Glenn Ross. We are also lucky enough to have Ken Brown with us once again, lending a helping hand in addition to attempting a New World Record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift during the weekend.

With six-time Canadian Champion and 2002 World Champion Hugo Girard once again on the injured list, the favorite to take the title is last year's winner, Jessen "The Myth" Paulin.

The current standings after four events are as follows:

1. Jessen Paulin 45
2. Dominic Filiou 41
3. Christian Savoie 38
4. Louis-Phillippe Jean 34
5. Steve Bourgeois 27
6. Scotty Cummine 27
7. Chris Colonval 24
8. Alan Block 22
9. Jon Schooten 17
10. Joe Montgomery 15
11. Grant Connors 13
12. Sean Bates 6


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