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SUPER SQUATS® Hip Belt: The Ultimate Quad Torch

Pound your legs, but give your back a break

From Charles Ramsey through John McCallum and classic Soviet training manuals in the twentieth century to present day, the hip belt ("leg") squat is a proven tool that can help you gain weight, increase fitness, lift more, and jump higher . . . and the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt is uniquely designed and supremely qualified to bring these advantages home to you.

Use the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt to:

  • eliminate stress on your lower back and spine
  • squat safely, with the weight always under you
  • bulk up or trim down
  • give your body and mind a break from squatting with a bar on your back
  • add altitude to your vertical jump

Also, use the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt for weighted chins and dips, calf exercises, and pulling and dragging. And for powerlifters or all-rounders interested in hip lifts, there’s no need to worry about whether this belt is strong enough—it holds 3,500 pounds with ease!

Hip Belt Quad Torching

The sensation I got from the movement resembled that of a set of Hack squats pushed to the limit. There's no lower-back involvement . . . Also, there's no friction or drag, and you're forced to use coordination and your stabilizing abilities as well. . . . Thigh torching is definitely this baby’s primary function, however—no doubt about it.—Steve Holman, IRONMAN Magazine, February 1992.

Look for the Buffalo Bar and SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt in the IronMind e-store . . . when you’re ready to quit making excuses and decide to start squatting.

MagHipBeltBW72 1998 World's Strongest Man winner and CoC4 '04 Magnus Samuelsson works his legs using the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt. Photo courtesy of Magnus Samuelsson.