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IronMind Little Big Horn: Rules & World Records

Blacksmiths demonstrated their superior grip strength by lifting an anvil by its horn; in that tradition, now you can train progressively and test yourself on this classic feat of grip strength.

Rebecca Roberts-IronMind Little Big Horn 63.70 kg Rebecca Roberts (UK) celebrates her 63.70-kg world record lift on the Little Big Horn, while competing at the 2018 US World Grip Championships (Hämeenlinna, Finland). IronMind ® | ©WHEA/Tomi Jokela
IronMind Little Big Horn Men's World Record*
Laine Snook                  April 4, 2015                107.29 kg (236.53 lb.)
Kody Burns December 13, 2014 106.13 kg (233.97 lb.)
Adam Glass July 14, 2012 100 kg (220.46 lb.)
IronMind Little Big Horn Women's World Record*
Rebecca Roberts October 13, 2018 63.70 kg (140 lb.)
Elizabeth Horne            April 4, 2015               61.45 kg (135.47 lb.)
Amy Wattles June 30, 2013 57.15 kg (126 lb.)


IronMind Little Big Horn Contest Rules

1)  The IronMind Little Big Horn must be an authentic current-model IronMind Enterprises, Inc. Little Big Horn; it cannot have been modified or tampered with in any way.

2)  Ordinary chalk (magnesium carbonate) may be used on the lifting hand, but nothing else is permitted (liquid chalk, for example, is specifically disallowed).

3)  Weight is hung from the Little Big Horn using an IronMind 15" Olympic loading pin and carabiner.

4)  The lifter starts the lift with the lifting hand wrapped around the Little Big Horn. The lift must be performed with the Little Big Horn remaining approximately vertical and there may be no contact with the underside of the base of the Little Big Horn.

5)  The lifter must fully straighten up (back erect, legs and hips locked out); once standing straight, the lifter must maintain control of the lift for 1 second before getting a down signal from the referee, and must then return the weight to the ground. Contact must be maintained between the lifter's hand and the Little Big Horn until the weight is resting on the floor. The referee then indicates whether the lift was passed or not. 

6)  In contest situations, the lifter is given 1 minute to complete the lift after his/her name is called; during that minute, there is no limit to how many times the lifter may try to complete the lift.

*The minimum increment for breaking a world record is 1 kg, effective January 1, 2015.

See also IronMind's grip contest rules for extra attempts.


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