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IronMind: Born in the USA

You know what they say about consultants and prophets, so from a selling point of view, it can be a big advantage to have come from afar:  think of how many products in the strength world are wrapped in some sort of Soviet-era robe to amplify their mystique.

Not sure that we gave it a lot of thought, but when IronMind was started in 1988, it was just natural for us to think in terms of local sourcing wherever possible, and from our first day onward, every single product we have made has been manufactured in the USA.

If you don't see a Made in the USA tag by every IronMind product, it's because they still are and always have been.  That's also why when someone sends us a suggestion for a bolt-together, off-shore rig that ships in a flat box and sells for the fraction of the IronMind product it's imitating, we think of ancient Rome and the requirement that it's engineers spend a week under the bridges they built.

IronMind products are designed not just to get you through your workouts safely, but also to last and last, making them a great value.  Use them for many years and then give them to your kids.  In the meantime, take a look at some of our T-shirts and put that philosophy to work in your training.



 All the best with your training,


Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. 
IronMind Enterprises, Inc. 
Nevada City, California 

“Tools of the Trade for Serious Strength Athletes . . . most of them unique, all of them top quality.™” 

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