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IronMind Bars: Used by the World’s Strongest Men

Strongman, grip, squats and deadlifts—IronMind bars are built to perform

Apollon’s Axle™... Grip, Strongman Star

Not just the original--it debuted in 1994--but the best known and most widely used thick bar in top-tier strongman and grip competitions, the one that has more world records set on it than all the others combined. While the Apollon's Axle excels in strongman and grip, it's also perfect for anyone interested in functional strength.


If you want to keep your natural-finish IronMind bars nice and shiny, wipe them down as needed with one of these Tuf-Cloths, to help prevent rust. 

S-Cubed Bar™: Straight, Strong, Stiff

An extra-long, extra-strong, extra-stiff bar for things like squats and deadlifts—good for 1,500-pound quarter squats if you can do them and WSM-level deadlifts.

The Buffalo Bar™: Squat Like Paul Anderson

Designed to accommodate the kinds of weights Paul Anderson squatted in his prime—with ease, the IronMind Buffalo Bar is 92" long overall, which means you don’t have to be a yoga star to get under it for squats, good mornings, lunges, Hise shrugs, and all the other get-big-and-strong movements you do with a heavy bar on your shoulders.

The Buffalo Bar and SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt . . . when you’re ready to quit making excuses and decide to start squatting.

Make sure you're hanging around the right bars: visit our on-line store for more information about IronMind's Buffalo Bar, S-Cubed Bar, Apollon's Axle and more.