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Bodyweight training and hand balancing:

Reub Martin 2.2
Rafael Guerrero 7.3
Series by Jeff Gothard:
    • Beginning hand balancing
    • Presses and pirouettes 8.1
    • Presses and strength 8.2
    • Putting it together 8.3
    • Pull-ups, holds, levers 8.4
    • Odds and ends 9.1
Articles by Brad Johnson
    • Pinch grip chins 13.2
    • Grip power 13.3
    • Pike-ups 13.4
    • Omni-ball workout 14.1
    • Loaded stretching 14.2
    • L-seats 14.3
    • Spike bending 14.4
    • Bodyweight exercises for neck strength 15.4
    • Finger pull-ups 16.2
High-rep training 18.4

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