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Matters of historical importance:

Giant crushers, German iron shoes 3.1
History of the bench press 4.1
History of the deadlift 4.3
Karl Norberg and Marvin Eder 5.1
History of the barbell 8.1
Feats in dumbbell pressing 9.1
One-hand press 10.1
Feats in leg pressing 10.2
Obizzi formula 13.1
Collecting memorabilia 14.1
History of the DL 14.3
Jackson barbell sets 14.4
Greatest all-round weightlifter 15.1
Alexeev's 105-kg single-arm snatch 16.1
Barbell and dumbbell anyhow 16.3
Apollon's Wheels 18.3
Pullum patent bar 19.1
Beowulf's grip 19.1
Continental press 19.2
History of the neck 19.3
19th-century gymnasium 22.1
Workers' weightlifting movement 22.3


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