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IronMind Open Hand and Finger Training Tools

           IronMind Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder® Revolving Deadlift Handle

One of the world's premier tests of grip strength, the Rolling Thunder is a training tool of first choice for everyone from armwrestlers to rock climbers and will become one of your favorites as well. Hook it up to a loading pin and clip (not included), for one-hand deadlifts, doing either reps or holds.


CTD Challenge Kit

Step up to the Crushed-to-Dust! Challenge. Here’s everything you need to train for the CTD Challenge in one package: 1 – No. 1252 CoC No. 2 gripper; 1 - No. 1244 IronMind Hub; 1 - No. 1246 Rolling Thunder DL Handle.





Claw Curl™

Do curls with your fingers, working both your open hand and crushing grip in a dynamic range of motion for prehab, rehab, or CoC No. 3 levels of grip strength. Just slip your fingers into the individual pockets and attach some weight.






Apollon's Axle™

Not just the original--it debuted in 1994--but the best known and most widely used thick bar in top-tier strongman and grip competitions, the one that has more world records set on it than all the others combined. While the Apollon's Axle excels in strongman and grip, it's also perfect for anyone interested in functional strength.




R-Ring Handle

Ring weights were pretty common once upon a time and you can use this handle for finger lifts, throwing or even making your own Dinnie-style stones. R-ring: wake up to the possibilities.



 CoC Key

Little Big Horn

Blacksmiths demonstrated their superior strength by lifting an anvil by the horn--the taper of the horn and the weight of the anvil tested one's grip to the limit. Now you can train progressively and conveniently and this test of grip strength.




Titan's Telegraph Key™ I

Thumbs up for pinch grip power! Put the Titan's Telegraph Key in your arsenal for weapons-grade thumb and finger strength.


 12 inch pin 3



12" Standard Plate Loading Pin

It's an easy way to hold a stack of barbell plates that you want to attach to anything from a Rolling Thunder to a De Rigueur Dipping Belt. The exercise loading pin is 12" long and 1" in diameter and takes standard plates; use with the small connecting snap clip (1313A), which holds loads up to 200 lb.



15 inch pin 3


15" Olympic Plate Loading Pin

It's an easy way to hold a stack of barbell plates that you want to attach to anything from a Rolling Thunder to a De Rigueur Dipping Belt. The Olympic loading pin is 15" long and 2" in diameter and takes Olympic plates; use with the super-duty large carabiner, which holds loads up to 6,600 lb. 






Explore the Crushed-to-Dust! Cube, the world's leading system for building superior grip strength.


Download the CTD Cube booklet here



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